Written by: Dean Love

Have to love this piece in the good old Guardian

An increasing scarcity of comedy coverage in the national press suggests three possibilities:

1) The national press have decided that comedy, as an art form, has had its day and that ballet must now take its place.

2) That newspaper editors have taken offence at Brendon Burns’s uproarious five minutes on the sexual inadequacies of newspaper editors.


3) We’re approaching the third week of the Fringe and, well, most of the good stuff has been covered.

Then later:

Tim “four-star” Minchin gets another glowing review today, from the Guardian, and would seem to be edging towards an if.comedy nomination to go with his 2005 newcomer award.

I’d like to offer The Guardian a 4th option. There’s not much comedy coverage as either no-one can be bothered to do their research or no-one knows enough about how the Eddies Awards work to comment accurately in a national newspaper.

Put simply, Tim Minchin is not eligible for an if.comedy award. Lets take a look at the rules.

We could probably argue all night whether Minchin falls foul of the “star status” exemption. Does he regularly fill 500-seater venues on his own? Well he did a tour and some of the venues were bigger than this and some were smaller. He’s certainly a borderline case.

What’s less borderline is that a show must have at least two performances after the shortlist is announced. Minchin’s last show was going to be the Sunday gone. He added two, so it’s now this Tuesday night. The shortlist comes out Wednesday, by which time Tim will be on holiday. I wish he was eligible, I wish he’d add more extra shows so he’d have a shot at it as should have a good chance to win. But he’s not and The Guardian are just peddlling false hope…